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October 27, 2020

When You’re Ready to Return to the Office, Will Your Office Be Ready For You?

We have the tools you need to make your office safe again.

With over 250 years of combined experience in office building environments, P.A. Commercial’s Covid-19 Office Preparation Team can help you create a pro-active workplace where your employees feel safe & comfortable as they transition back to the office.

While enforcing social distancing and the use of face coverings in the workplace are the most critical safety measures, there are additional critical steps to take. Engaging your staff in a shared workplace with the ongoing threat of Covid-19 requires a strategy consisting of modifying physical space paired with improved sanitation efforts & HVAC building systems.

We understand that an employer’s strategy for reopening most likely depends on your industry and your company’s resources, however, some areas where P.A. Commercial can provide expertise and guidance in are as follows:

Engage a Space Planner

We work with the best space planning consultants in metro Detroit and will formulate a game plan that best addresses your company’s needs:

Ramp-up Sanitization Efforts

We will help find professional CDC-approved cleaners to come in and deep clean all work surfaces and common spaces. Additionally, we will help you formulate a plan to regularly sanitize your space to protect your staff and clients.

Improve Building HVAC Systems

You need an experienced mechanical engineer to ensure your air is turning over regularly. They will also look at filter replacement schedules and air turnover rates to ensure a healthy HVAC system.

While these tasks might sound daunting, our tenant rep specialists are here to help and can coordinate these services for you. Please contact Levi Smith or Mike Gunn of our COVID-19 Office Preparation Team to learn more.